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Welcome to - "Capturing Beauty in Pixels"

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The goal of is simple, to capture the beauty all around us in pixels. These images are sized to fit on your widescreen desktop (some images are 16:9 and others are 16:10, the two most common widescreen resolutions). 4:3 images are provided for regular desktops and we have begun providing wallpapers sized for dual-screen workstations. The images are taken by Emily and her husband Bryan. They are provided as 1200 pixels in height; more than enough to fill a 21 inch screen.

Questions? Comments? Contact emily [at] mlewallpapers [dot] com.

All images on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons -- Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike license.

MLeWallpapers images are provided for personal use free of charge. Help Emily purchase new camera equipment by purchasing products featuring your favorite MLeWallpapers images from the MLeWallpapers Store.

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